PPG DECO CZECH, A.S., Břasy (reg.: Rokycany), Břasy 223, 33824

  • PPG DECO CZECH, A.S., Břasy (reg.: Rokycany), Břasy 223, 33824


Břasy 223, 33824 Břasy (okr. Rokycany)

IČ: 2605255

DIČ: CZ42605255



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Tel.: +420 371791081
Mobil: +420 371791266


Primalex Inc. Břasy is a leading manufacturer of paints in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Since 2004 he is a member of SigmaKalon - the worldwide manufacturer of decorative paints, paints for marine industry and industrial paints, which employs about 10,000 people in forty different countries. Integration into the group SigmaKalon enables dynamic development of the company and access to resources and expertise of one of the world's major producer groups paints.

Today, the company Primalex available on the market a complete range of paints, including interior paints, exterior paints, plaster, paint for metal and wood, insulation system, the means to modify the substrate and has a network of 300 centers Kolorovacích Primalex for coloring paints. This is the widest in the Czech and Slovak Republic, with ideal accessibility for consumers in all regions.

Consumers are the most modern machines while you wait ready high quality colored interior and exterior paints, plasters and paints for metal and wood.

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